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Mr. Amin-Tehrani has over two decades of network/information systems design and implementation experience. He has successfully developed architectures and implemented innovative cloud computing solutions for many private and public sector organizations. His experience expands throughout several industries including healthcare and government. He has successfully developed architectures and innovative cloud computing solutions on both AWS, Azure, GCP & OpenStack for various clients, including NASA.


As CSO, Mr. Amin-Tehrani’s primary responsibility is to ensure that SAJ Technologies’ strategic priorities are effectively advanced by the team.
He strives to promote integration, communication, and consistent customer service, enabling SAJTech to achieve its highest expectation for impact on cloud and other solutions. As the CSO, he motivates the team to create innovative approaches for cloud and other services, while also addressing current industry needs and anticipating future trends and challenges.


Mr. Amin-Tehrani educational background includes a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a MS in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. His academic pursuits have given him a thorough understanding of complex systems and how they work, providing him with a unique insight into problem solving. Mr. Amin-Tehrani’s ingenuity and innovative mindset set him apart from others in his field. He is known for his ability to develop creative solutions to complex problems, making him a valuable asset in any project.