Kamran J. Shah

Before founding SAJ Technologies, Kamran worked for UUNET (formerly MCI & WorldCom) one of the largest Internet service providers, and, early Tier 1 network. He later joined telecommunication and satellite imagery company GeoEye, part of the Google Earth program.

Kamran brings more than 20 years of experience in Federal/Private sector IT, Management and consulting. Being an innovative thinker with a proven track record of strategic planning; he managed large enterprise IT projects and contracts. He is an experienced systems integrator and developer of complex systems that align business goals with technology solutions. He collaborated with stakeholders, developing an understanding of business needs, requirements and establishing bottom-line goals, bringing them a competitive advantage.

Mr. Shah earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management (ISM) from the University of Maryland, Security Certified Professional (SCP) from George Mason and Stanford Advanced Certified Program Management (SACPM) from Stanford University.