Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solutions

SAJ Technologies provides and manage mobile application. Smart devices are a challenge faced by all organizations these days. One technology that's evolved to address mobile security, access and control is enterprise mobility management (EMM), itself an evolution of mobile device management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) practices. In this guide, SAJ Technologies provides an overview of the features and top vendors that define the EMM market today. The BYOD phenomenon - employees bringing their own devices to work - posed challenges for organizations trying to maintain secure access to networks and data. Mobile device management (MDM) was the initial response to the challenge and focused on device enrollment and access. Mobile application management (MAM) also appeared on the scene to control data and applications on mobile devices. Those technologies have been superseded by Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), a sophisticated technology that combines MDM and MAM, offering access, data protection, app management, threat management, separation of personal and work data, and visibility and control.

The core goal of EMM solutions is to provide insight into the applications and data being accessed by mobile devices, to limit potential risks and maintain corporate compliance.